Hacker Fail: Feedeex.com (Fedex Email Scam)

I get a ton of these in every day, some are much funnier than others! I thought it was high-time for a little humor on the blog, so welcome to “hacker fail.” I’ll post up all the best email scams along with a screenshot. This is not only for your entertainment, but also for your education.

Today’s fail comes from “details@feedeex.com” and is an attempt to convince me to “Print a Shipping Label.” Clicking the link prompts for a ZIP file download…which no doubt includes a virus of some sort. Check out the images below…

What can I do?!?!?

Well, first off, just don’t download the file. Secondly, mark it as spam. As an extra precaution, you should make sure your email client (if you’re using Outlook, Mail, blah blah blah) is not set to automatically download attachments.

That’s all for now!

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