Fix iTunes WIFI Sync on Your iPhone or iPad

Let me start off by saying this post is directed towards Windows users.  There ARE a few tips in here that MAY help Mac users, but the solution I found is a Windows-only fix.

I’ve seen more than my share of WIFI sync issues with iTunes and the iPhone or iPad.  I encountered a few of those issues myself…but a more prevalent issue with a client’s computer in our repair shop (  led me to do an embarrassingly large amount of research on the subject.  In short…there doesn’t SEEM to be a definitive “fix” for the iTunes wifi sync issue, however there are a LOT of possible solutions.  I tried all the following solutions on this particular clients computer (with iPad and their iPhone) before I came to an actual working solution on my own:

  • -Turn off wifi on the iDevice and on the computer.  Restart the computer then start iTunes…then start up WIFI on the iDevice again.  This did not work.
  • -Connect iDevice to the computer via USB.  Then DISABLE wifi syncing for that device.  Reconnect the device again and this time ENABLE wifi syncing.  Restart the device and iTunes.  This also did not work at all
  • -Checked the firewall on the computer (running Windows 7) to ensure iTunes was allowed (it was).
  • -Verified it wasn’t my office network…my personal iPhone and iPad were working seamlessly with WIFI sync, so that pretty well ruled out my network.
  • -Reinstall iTunes.  This worked for a split second, but after restarting the computer the iDevices were no longer detected by iTunes.  So…this also did not work for me.

Finally after all of this and over an hour of frustrations…I noticed the customer was running AVG Free as their antivirus.  I’ve had COUNTLESS issues with AVG over the past year and decided it was time to uninstall it for this customer and see if it was the issue.  SUCCESS!  After unistalling AVG, wifi syncing worked for both the client’s iPhone and her iPad…not just eventually…IMMEDIATELY after installing AVG.  I replaced AVG with Microsoft Security Essentials (the only Antivirus you really need anyhow)…double checked…triple checked…shut down the computer…and IT STILL WORKS.

It’s no secret that many antivirus developers are trying to provide as many value added services as possible…the problem is a LOT of times these services are not needed…especially if you are running Windows 7 or Windows 8 (Windows 8 actually has MSE installed and integrated).  So if you are having problems with iTunes WIFI sync and your iPhone or iPad and you are running ANY antivirus other than Microsoft Security Essentials, I suggest you ditch your antivirus and try MSE out.  You won’t regret it and I’ll just short of guarantee that your iTunes WIFI sync issue will be fixed.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

4 Responses to “Fix iTunes WIFI Sync on Your iPhone or iPad”

  • Todd:

    I have had MSE for 2+ years, and the issue exists with MSE as well. I have done everything you mention in the link, and at no time have I had AVG, and the problem still is there. It is an iOS/iTunes issue, not anything else.

    Many people have had this issue since iOS 6 and iTunes 10. I applaud your ingenuity and tenacity (along with others) in trying to fix this. Too bad you don’t work for Apple, because they haven’t done a single thing to fix it, no matter how many people have tried and escalated it to them. Until they care and try to fix this (which honestly I think they don’t care about it) this problem will remain.

  • Thanks for the comment Todd. I’m sure this is not an “end-all” solution for everyone, but I’m fairly confident this will fix the issue for a LOT of people. Until Apple steps in and does their part…I’m afraid WIFI syncing will never be much more than a novelty for many people. However…it’s working pretty splendidly on my clients computer now, and works flawlessly on my Mac with my own personal iPhone 5 and iPad 2. Thanks again man!

  • Josh:

    I think your confidence is misguided. A lot of people think they’ve fixed the problem (including me once or twice, and then I got humbled), only to find that a few days or a week later, the problem is back. Also, most Mac users I know (including myself) do not use AVG, yet I find the wifi sync issues persists. I don’t find it more than an inconvenience, as simply disconnecting and reconnecting my Mac from the network fixes the problem instantly, and allows for immediate syncing… Until next time.

  • I see what your saying. I should be more specific and mention this isn’t a PERFECT solution for everyone. I don’t believe I ever mentioned that I “fixed” the problem…only that I had a proposed solution that may help people. Actually right at the beginning of the article I mention that it’s not for Mac people as well. Thank you for reading and thanks for your comment. Hopefully this thing will get worked out soon!

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