Fix iTunes WIFI Sync on Your iPhone or iPad

Let me start off by saying this post is directed towards Windows users.  There ARE a few tips in here that MAY help Mac users, but the solution I found is a Windows-only fix.

I’ve seen more than my share of WIFI sync issues with iTunes and the iPhone or iPad.  I encountered a few of those issues myself…but a more prevalent issue with a client’s computer in our repair shop (  led me to do an embarrassingly large amount of research on the subject.  In short…there doesn’t SEEM to be a definitive “fix” for the iTunes wifi sync issue, however there are a LOT of possible solutions.  I tried all the following solutions on this particular clients computer (with iPad and their iPhone) before I came to an actual working solution on my own: Continue Reading →

Hacker Fail: (Fedex Email Scam)

I get a ton of these in every day, some are much funnier than others! I thought it was high-time for a little humor on the blog, so welcome to “hacker fail.” I’ll post up all the best email scams along with a screenshot. This is not only for your entertainment, but also for your education.

Today’s fail comes from “” and is an attempt to convince me to “Print a Shipping Label.” Clicking the link prompts for a ZIP file download…which no doubt includes a virus of some sort. Check out the images below…

What can I do?!?!?

Well, first off, just don’t download the file. Secondly, mark it as spam. As an extra precaution, you should make sure your email client (if you’re using Outlook, Mail, blah blah blah) is not set to automatically download attachments.

That’s all for now!

Paypal Email Scam

I receive emails from “wanna-be” scammers all the time requesting that I “update my paypal information.”  These emails usually make it into my spam folder, and I never see them again.  However today an email actually made it through to my inbox, at which point I figured it was time to help educate my readers on the dangers of Paypal Scam Emails.

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Is your hard drive going bad? This may help…

If you’ve noticed your computer making a “funny” noise lately, it could be your hard drive! has a pretty nifty database of hard drive sounds you can use to identify and diagnose the problem. Head on over to this link:

…and see if anything there sounds familiar!

Either way, if you think your hard drive is acting up, back it up!

New Site Launched!

Hey guys,

We launched the new site today. Overall I’m pretty happy with it! Hopefully it will increase the readability and take away that “poop green” feeling I used to get when I looked at the old design!


Who’s viewing my Facebook, Part 2

It seems my post about Facebook “stalker apps” has become rather popular…which leads me to believe that there are still many people who believe you can find out who is simply “viewing your facebook page.”  I thought I’d post up a link for all of you who are coming this way looking for Facebook answers, to help you once and for all, answer that question:

This is straight from the Facebook help section, and clearly states Facebook’s stance on “who is view my profile” questions.

Be sure to check out my original post here: for more info!